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Contemporary Native Artists, Part II

Gallerist Gregory Farah introduces five Native artists working in New Mexico today

This edition features five Native artists: Gary Kniffin II, Maggie Carson, Elton Manygoats, DeAnna Autumn Leaf Suazo, and Eye V James Concha.


Taos BLM’s October Offerings

2018’s last free hikes in Rio Grande del Norte National Monument are announced by BLM

BLM’s slate of free hikes and lectures in Rio Grande del Norte National Monument for October 2018 are announced by Taos BLM manager, John Bailey.


Taos Artists Beyond, Fall 2018

Vom Dorp in California, the Tajmagundi Club in New York, Livingston in Santa Fe and Larry Bell in San Francisco.

A whole bunch of Taos artists are showing their work outside Taos this Fall: Sasha vom Dorp, Annell Livingston, Larry Bell and 28 members of the Tajmagundi Club.


Eight Tips for Experiencing The PASEO 2018 in Taos

Taos nighttime festival brings off-the-wall artworks to the streets on September 14 and 15

Be prepared so you can make the most of your time seeing the temporary, participatory and free outdoor artworks in Taos.


Guided Hikes in Taos (and they’re free!)

Taos BLM rangers lead hikes throughout Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in September

September’s free offerings from the Taos BLM include guided hikes, lectures and films under the stars.


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