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Eleven Evenings with 26 Poets and 10 Musicians - SOMOS the Literary Heart of Taos

Posted Mar 28, 2017

SOMOS Poetry Month 2017, in celebration of National Poetry Month every April, has announced a stellar lineup of twenty-six poets and ten musicians performing over the course of eleven evenings. Local award-winning poet Veronica Golos is curating the series. All events are free and will be held at the SOMOS Salon at 108-B Civic Plaza Drive in Taos. For more information, call 575-758-0081, or email

April 1 Saturday
Colleen Carias, Santa Fe poet
Max Early, Laguna Pueblo poet and potter. Book: Ears Of Corn: Listen (3: A Taos Press)
William Barnes, poet from Santa Fe. Book: The Ledger Book (3: A Taos Press)
Musician: George Chacon, Congas, Taos

April 6 Thursday
Gaia Mika, Taos poet
Ariana Kramer, Taos writer and poet
Branwyn Holroyd, Canadian poet living In Taos
Musician: Rachael Penn, violin, musician from Taos

April 9 Sunday
Jane Lin, poet from Los Alamos. Book: Day Of Clean Brightness (3: A Taos Press)
James Thomas Stevens, poet from Institute Of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, author of eight poetry books
Muscian: Melody Romancito, guitar and vocals, musician from Taos

April 12 Wednesday
Letters From The Feminist Underground. Tina Carlson, Stella Reed and Katherine Dibella Seluja read from their collaborative manuscript. Many of the poems are in epistolary form linking the voices of three mythological women, Leda, Lilith and a migrant girl.
Stella Reed, Santa Fe poet
Tina Carlson, Santa Fe poet. Book: Ground, Wind, This Body, (Unm Press)
Katherine Seluja, Santa Fe poet. Book: Gather The Night (Unm Press)
Muscians: Two Birds And A Stone, Vocals, Santa Fe

April 13 Thursday
Robin Shawver, Taos poet
Donald Levering, Formalist, Santa Fe poet, author of Coltraine's God (Red Mountain Press)
Musician: Melody Romancito, guitar and vocals, musician from Taos 

April 19 Wednesday
Sawnie Morris, poet and teacher, Taos. Book: Her, Infinite, (New Issues Press)
Leslie Ullman, poet Taos. Latest book: Library Of Small Happiness (3: A Taos Press)
Music: tba

April 20 Thursday
Cathy Strisik, poet San Cristobal. Latest book: The Mistress (3: A Taos Press)
James Scott Smith, poet from Colorado
Musicians:  Mazatl Galindo, Flute, Benito Concha, drums

April 22 Saturday
Dana Levin, poet and teacher, Santa Fe. Latest book: Banana Palace (Copper Canyon 2016)
Paisley Rekdal, poet, Utah. Latest book: Animal Eye. (University Of Pittsburgh Press)
Music: tba

April 23 Sunday
Lisa Chavez, poet and teacher, Albuquerque. Books: In An Angry Season, Destruction Bay
Gary Worth Moody, poet from Santa Fe. Latest book: Occoquan (Red Mountain Press)
Juan Morales, poet and teacher, College Of Pueblo, Colorado. Latest book: The Siren World (Lithic Press)
Music: tba

April 24 Monday
Joan Ryan, poet from Taos
Music: David Garver, actor and musician, guitar and vocals, Taos

April 26 Wednesday
Lise Goett, poet and teacher, Taos. Books: Waiting For The Paraclete (Beacon), Leprosarium (Tupelo Press 2017)
Cyrus Cassells, translator, film critic, actor. Teaches at TX State University. Book: The Gospel According To Wild Indigo
Veronica Golos, poet and curator, Taos. Latest book: Rootwork (3: A Taos Press)
Music by: Richard Romero, flamenco guitar, Taos

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