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25-Percent-Off Studio Sale - Barbara Zaring

Posted Dec 20, 2017

Taos artist Barbara Zaring is extending a discount on artworks shown on her website to her supporters. In a first ever studio sale, 25% off the prices seen on the website is offered now through January. Taxes and shipping apply.

Barbara moved to Taos in the 1970s after receiving a BFA in Fine Arts from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, BA Fine Arts (1969). She has also studied art at Pratt Printmaking Institute in New York and University of New Mexico.

Barbara on her work: "My work deals with memory, history and the duality of contemporary life. I construct new worlds using one of the oldest and most traditional of media, oil paint on canvas. Architectonic by nature, my psyche always travels with a map. In waking life these maps are constructed as paintings and reveal my interest in opposing paradigms- light and dark, clear and opaque, interior and exterior. The glassy surface developed by many layers of translucent paint reveals some of the history and overlapping of ideas that occur in the making of a piece of art over a very long time.  Initially ambiguous, the images and concurring emotions reveal themselves like photographs developing in an acid bath. They are derived from the interior space created through decades of meditation practice and dream work. There is always a connection to the chance and change of nature in my beloved New Mexico. Yet, within areas of rawness and perhaps hidden eroticism, there is always light escaping."



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