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On exhibition: Equilateral Attraction - Annell Livingston

Posted Jan 9, 2018

Annell Livington and Karen Bexfield annouce a joint exhibition of new paintings by Livingston and glass sculptures by Bexfield at Winterowd Fine Art, 701 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Reception with Artists: Friday, March 16, 5-7pm.
Exhibition Dates: March 16-29-2018.

Annell Livingston says, "Through the use of geometry I break the picture plane into many small pieces, which is a metaphor for my life experience. For me nothing is ever experienced or remembered as a whole, but is instead in fragments. My intention is the same as the painter Malevich, who said to use geometry to convey "the primacy of pure feeling in creative art," rather than the depiction of visual objects."
Shown above [detail] and below: Fragments Geometry and Change #226 45"45" acrylic on canvas.

Gallery owner Karla Winterowd comments, "Karen Bexfield does such exciting work with glass, stretching what we've seen done in this medium." Karen continues her surprising exploration in form and light with these newest glass boxes. "The complexity of the objects she creates is really astounding," says Winterowd.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Karla Winterowd, 505-992-8878

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