Indian Market: Fifteen From Taos

Taos Pueblo by Debbie Lujan
Micaceous pot by Yellowbird Samora
Pottery by Yellowbird Samora

SWAIA (Southwestern Association for Indian Arts) opens its 94th annual Indian Market in Santa Fe this weekend, August 22 and 23, 2015. Among the nearly one thousand Native American artists exhibiting will be 15 from Taos Pueblo, or with Taos roots. Congratulations and best of luck to all!


Causandra Dukepoo, Jewelry

Sean Flanagan, Diverse Arts

Jewelry artist Maria Samora
Jewelry artist Maria Samora

Carol Gala, Bead and Quill Work

Glenn Gomez, Pottery

Debbie Lujan, Graphics/Photography

Ira Lujan, Sculpture

Patricia Michaels, Diverse Arts

Tammie Mirabal, Pottery

Gregory Naseyowma, Jewelry

Sharon Dry Flower Reyna, Pottery

Ken Romero, Jewelry

John Yellowbird Samora, Pottery

Maria Samora, Jewelry

David Suazo, Graphics/Photography

Bernice Sauzo-Naranjo, Pottery

Taos Pueblo by Debbie Lujan
Taos Pueblo by Debbie Lujan

Meanwhile, in Taos, Michael McCormick and Sons Gallery will be celebrating Taos’s all-time most flamboyant and prolific Indian artist, RC Gorman (1931- 2005) on August 22. Gorman had a gallery on Ledoux Street in Taos for more than thirty years and always hosted a grand reception there on the Thursday before Indian Market in Santa Fe. Celebrities from near and far came to Taos that evening each year and the gallery scene prospered.

RC Gorman, Navajo artist
Navajo artist RC Gorman, courtesy of Michael McCormick and Sons Gallery in Taos

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