Why Taos? The Allure of Taos Ski Valley

By Janet Webb | March 28, 2014


Last week, I shared a video clip from a 45-minute video Webb Design created from interviews with 40 Taos residents. Ollie Bell was videographer and editor. My friend Judy Kendall helped me in the role of interviewer.

Here is the second of four edits that isolate certain themes. “Spirit” of Taos was the first. This clip focuses on the powerful pull of Taos Ski Valley. The exhilaration of winding one’s way down a mountainside made magical by fresh powder; the temptation of being able to spend more than a week on our mountain during the winter doing something that makes one feel more alive…the allure of Taos Ski Valley is strong. So many people have come to Taos to ski, fell in love with the area, and have never left.

These comments were recorded almost five years ago but are still valid in the discussion “Why Taos?” What’s the Taos brand?



Next week, I’ll post the third video in the series. Stay tuned!

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