Why Taos?

Tres Orejas as seen just above the Taos Horseshoe - copyright Nina Anthony

By Janet Webb | April 10, 2014


Over the last three weeks, we’ve been sharing clips from a video that Webb Design produced back in 2009 entitled, “Why Taos?” Twenty hours of footage featuring interviews with 40 Taoseños was edited down into 45 minutes. Four three-minute videos were produced from the 45-minute version that distill the qualities of Taos into four key areas: the spirit of the place, the mountains and skiing, the art and cultural legacy of Taos and, last but not least, the incomparable landscapes and skies of Taos.

One of the respondents in the video made a comment that will resonate with many long-time and/or lifelong Taos residents: “I’m still in awe — 40 years later.” The respondent was referring to the feeling she gets every time she drives through what’s known as the “Taos horseshoe” and reaches the rise that reveals the depths of the Rio Grande Gorge and the grandeur of the Sangre de Cristo mountains against turquoise skies. No matter how many times one sees it, it evokes a feeling of awe and appreciation. That’s the essence of Taos. It cannot be described in a single a word or catchy tagline. It’s a feeling. A connection. An experience.

Tres Orejas as seen just above the Taos Horseshoe - copyright Nina Anthony

We hope that watching these videos will inspire you to come experience Taos for yourself. Here is the fourth and final video from this series.

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