Gus and Ron and Larry at Cooper’s Garage in Taos

For the third time this year, a 5,000 sq. ft. garage in the warehouse district of Taos will be activated as a contemporary art space. Cooper’s Garage will open its door to the public for a collaborative two-day exhibition by three Taos artists who all first arrived in Taos in the 1970s. The show will happen on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14.

The artists are longtime friends Gus Foster, Ron Cooper and Larry Bell. Gus will show recent photographs of light transitions on the horizon line around his home on Blueberry Hill––Jicarita Peak, Jemez Peaks, Cerro Pedernal and other landmarks he has captured in the panoramas of his early work. Ron plans to exhibit textiles he designed in the mid 1960s through present day, some of which he wove personally and some produced in Oaxaca, Mexico working with local artisans. Larry will bring The Time Machine, 2002, out of storage for an interactive installation.

Cooper’s Garage is a temporary contemporary art space in the warehouse district of Taos. In April the 5,000 sq.ft. space, formerly home to Ron Cooper’s vast collection of cars, will be a stage for art by Cooper and his artist friends Gus Foster and Larry Bell. The space is located at 200-B Bendix Drive, off Camino del Canon West between Medio and Salazar.

Gus and Ron and Larry in a Nutshell
Who: Gus Foster, Ron Cooper, Larry Bell
What: A pop-up exhibition mounted by three old friends
Where: Cooper’s Garage, 200-B Bendix Drive in Taos
When: April 13 and 14, noon to 5:00pm
Why: Why not?!

Gus Foster,Tres Orejas 8-7-22, digital photos from Light Transitions series, 2022-23
Gus Foster, Cerro Pedernal 1-22-22, digital photos from Light Transitions series, 2022-23
Ron Cooper. Portraiture, 1990, wool textile
Larry Bell, The Time Machine, 2002. Cold mirror on barium crown glass, metal and wood support (built by Cody Riddle) and painted wood and leather chairs (built by Ed Paul). Pictured in the artist’s studio. Photos by Janet Webb.

Learn about past exhibitions in Cooper’s Garage:
Inaugural exhibition, February 10-11, 2024, Larry Bell, Ron Cooper and Johnny MacArthur
Cars & Guitars, March 9-10, 2024, objects from the collections of Ron Cooper and Larry Bell

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