Taos Artists Beyond, 03/2018

By Janet Webb – March 23, 2018

Taos is a place where artists live and work. It’s an art colony, unlike numerous communities marketed as art destinations that are simply places for commercial galleries and art fairs. Taos is a place where artists live. Taos as a place to create, a place where artists can control their distractions, and find inspiration from nature and solitude. When it comes time to take their art to market, many Taos artists hit the road.

March’s post about Taos artists showing elsewhere includes Hank Saxe at Peters Projects in Santa Fe, Susan Ressler in New York, and Meredith Garcia in Camarillo, California.  Agnes Chavez continues developing a permanent installation at CERN in Geneva. And the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona hosts its 13th annual Cowgirl Up exhibition that includes three northern New Mexico artists: Ann Huston, Dinah Worman and Jennifer Cavan.

Meredith Garcia
Agnes Chavez
Hank Saxe




A call to Taos artists: let me know about your exhibits outside of Taos – where, when, and what you’re showing. Your accomplishments are a testament of Taos’s creative influence.

Hank Saxe

Hank Saxe: unNatural Landscapes
Peters Projects, Santa Fe, New Mexico
March 23 through May 25, 2018

The gallery says of Hank’s art practice: “Saxe has worked in industrial and commercial ceramic production and has always remained connected to the soul of his environment, New Mexico, with an appreciation of natural geologic formations and the Northern New Mexico desert landscape.  This combination of his technical knowledge and love of his environment are the underlying theme to this artist’s work.”

Opening reception, March 23rd, from 5-7pm.
Talk by the artist and the gallery director, Saturday, March 24 at 2pm.
Visit the artist’s website

Untitled #6 stoneware sculpture by Hank Saxe
Untitled #2 stoneware sculpture by Hank Saxe
Untitled #3 stoneware sculpture by Hank Saxe

Susan Ressler

Susan Ressler: Executive Order book launch
Bronx Documentary Center, Bronx, New York
April 5, 2018

For more than 40 years, Susan Ressler has been photographing affluence in America — in particular, the power relations that inhere in corporate and consumer culture. In Executive Order (Daylight, April 2018), Ressler invites us to examine the executive boardrooms, private offices, and lobbies of businesses that became especially prominent during the 1970s in downtown Los Angeles and other urban environments in the Mountain West.

She is currently Professor Emerita, Purdue University, and continues to make photographs that critique consumer culture and other socially relevant issues that shape the world as we know it today. She makes her home in Taos, New Mexico.

Read a New York Times review of Susan’s book then visit the artist’s website

Executive Order, a book by Susan Ressler, published by Daylight, 2018

Meredith Garcia

Meredith Garcia: Collector’s Choice exhibition
Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, California
March 3-24, 2018

Taos fine art photographer Meredith Garcia has artwork represented in two juried exhibitions during March and April. In March, three of the photographs in her Stone Free series are on view at Studio Channel Islands, as part of the annual Collector’s Choice show. Based in Camarillo, CA, Studio Channel Islands is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the creative life of the communities within Ventura County.

In April, her photograph Within You/Without You will be on display at the Annual New Mexico Photographic Arts Show at the Fine Arts building of Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque. ANMPAS is an annual event that features the best photographic images from the best New Mexico photographers, and the show will be up from April 1 through 23. Visit Meredith’s website.

“Stone Free #4,” a silver-gelatin photograph by Meredith Garcia


“Within You/Without You,” a silver-gelatin photograph by Meredith Garcia

Agnes Chavez

Agnes Chavez: Fluidic Data installation
CERN Data Center, Geneva, Switzerland
In process. Installation will be permanent.

I keep featuring Agnes. That’s because she keeps doing amazing things, all around the world.

Agnes is serving as Artistic Director at CERN, the international laboratory for nuclear research, to create a permanent and interactive installation called Fluidic Data that will visualize data from the Large Hadron Collider. It is an experiential and interactive way for visitors better understand what physicists are doing at this facility. You can follow the artist’s progress on Facebook.

The data center at CERN in Geneva Switzerland, source of Agnes Chavez’s art installation titled “Fluidic Data”


Agnes Chavez in the stairwell at CERN where her art installation, “Fluidic Data,” will be located


Agnes Chavez with Dr Etiennette Auffray Hillemanns of the Crystal Clear Collaboration at CERN


Huston, Worman & Cavan

Ann Huston, Dinah Worman and Jennifer Cavan: Cowgirl Up!
Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, Arizona
March 23 – May 13, 2018

The annual Cowgirl Up! exhibition is described as “Art from the Other Half of the West” and showcases artists who for years were underrepresented in museums and at art shows. Since its inception in 2006, “Cowgirl Up!” has become a major national event for women who specialize in Western art. This year, 53 artists are represented. Three are residents of the Taos area: Ann Huston, Dinah Worman and Jennifer Cavan.

“Circle of Faith”, pastel on archival sandpaper, 30.5w x 37h by Ann Huston


“Canyon Drive”, oil on linen, 36w x 30h by Dinah Worman
“La Cueva’s San Rafael”, oil pastel by Jennifer Cavan
“Sena Starlight”, oil pastel by Jennifer Cavan



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