Taos Artists Beyond: 12/2018

mary shaffer

Janet Webb – December 21, 2018

BeyondTaos’s end-of-2018 post about Taos artists showing elsewhere includes seven artists. Glass artist, Mary Shaffer shows in Boise, Idaho. Brian Shields work is being shown in Barcelona, Spain. Annell Livingston, Suzanne Wiggin and Susan Pasquarelli are at Winterowd in Santa Fe. An artist new to Taos but already scheduled for a solo show at The Encore Gallery in March, Howard Weliver, is showing in Kansas City, Missouri. And Larry Bell has a museum survey exhibition up at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami, Florida. (A group from the Harwood Museum recently visited the show and our photos here include these folks. Recognize anyone?!)

Below is a look at the work these artists are exhibiting with a few words from the exhibition websites.

Mary Shaffer in Boise

A New State of Matter: Contemporary Glass
Boise Art Museum, Boise Idaho
November 3, 2018 to February 3, 2019

Mary Shaffer has installed Tool-Wall at the Boise Art Museum as part of a group exhibition titled A New State of Matter: Contemporary Glass. The 45-foot installation, comprised of three sculptures, illustrates Shaffer’s interest in reusing discarded tools with glass. “I take lovingly crafted, hand-forged tools — the epitome of American invention — and recycle them in my work. The challenge is to make the glass look as honest and straightforward as the original tool.”

mary shaffer
Mary Shaffer, Ice Tong, 2017, 30 x 17 x 13″, Hot glass and Ice Tong
mary shaffer
Mary Shaffer, Orange Double, 1997, 24 x 8.5 x 6″, Slumped cast glass with farm tool and Water Wheel 2017, 28 x 14 x 6, Hot glass with well wheel


Brian Shields in Barcelona

XXXI Muestra International y Multidiciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo
Fundación Claret, Barcelona, Spain
December 2 to January 12, 2019

Taos artist Brian Shields has been trying his hand at making art in different locales. Last summer he worked in Spain and one of these works is in XXXI Muestra International y Multidiciplinar de Arte Contemporáneo. Throughout the fall, he has worked in a short-term rental studio in Los Angeles and held a pop-up exhibition there on November 17 and 18. He plans a solo exhibition in Denver during summer 2019 at Michael Warren Contemporary. Meanwhile, he’s back in his Taos studio for the winter.

brian shields
Brian Shields, Nektar, 2018, mixed media on canvas is now on view in Barcelona


Livingston, Wiggin & Pasquarelli in Santa Fe

Celebrate Art: Group Winter Show
Winterowd Fine Arts on Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 29 to January 10, 2019

Taos artists Annell Livingston, Suzanne Wiggin and Susan Pasquarelli are included in Winterowd’s winter exhibition. Gallery director says, “Each of our eighteen artists created new works that showcase their powerful expressions of beauty and skill.”

Susan Pasquarelli, Light Rings Warm Red, 2018, 40 x 40 inches, watercolor on paperasquarelli
Susan Pasquarelli, Light Rings Warm Red, 2018, 40 x 40 inches, watercolor on paper
suzanne wiggin
Suzanne Wiggin, Glowing Vista, 2018, 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas
annell livingston
Annell Livingston, Fragments 4/7, 2018, 10×10 inches, Flashe on w/c paper


Howard Weliver in Kansas City

Holiday Small Works Show
Vanessa Lacy Gallery
Livestock Exchange Building, Kansas City, MO
December 14, 2018

Howard Weliver has been a Taos artist for only a few years. His works incorporate LED-based “neon” shapes as a basis of abstract, street-style art he refers to as abstreet.  Each piece has layers upon layers of colorful paint, as if they were left on the street for multiple artists to leave their marks. He will have a solo show in March at The Encore Gallery of TCA here in Taos.

howard weliver
Howard Weliver, 9ine, 2018, 8.75 x 14 inches, neon, enamel and alcohol ink on/in panel.


Larry Bell in Miami

Larry Bell: Time Machines
ICA Miami
Miami, Florida
November 1 to March 10, 2019

Curator Alex Gartenfeld: “This exhibition focuses attention on Bell’s innovative explorations of experiences generated by architectural space, as well as his little-known engagement with audiovisual media, including video and photography. It also features major bodies of Bell’s work, from the his early Cube series to his large-scale color-glass installations.” See all these series at the artist’s website.

larry bell ica miami
Installation photo of Larry Bell: Time Machines at ICA Miami with artist and Harwood tour group
larry bell ica miami
Installation photo of Larry Bell: Time Machines at ICA Miami with artist and Harwood tour group
Larry Bell, The Cat, 1981, at ICA Miami



Larry Bell – Time Machines – ICA Miami from Ollie Bell on Vimeo.

A note to all Taos artists: please let me know (editor@beyondtaos.com) about your exhibits outside of Taos – where, when, and what you’re showing. I find it amazing how many of you quietly work in this community then take the work to other cities for exhibition and sale. It’s a testament to the creative inspiration of this Place. Janet Webb.

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