Taos Artists Beyond, Fall 2018

By Janet Webb – October 5, 2018

BeyondTaos’s October post about Taos artists showing elsewhere this Fall includes over 30 artists. Sasha vom Dorp‘s 15.15 HZ fills three galleries at Kellogg University Gallery in Pomona, CA. Twenty-eight artists who call themselves “Tajmagundians” exhibited their work in New York’s prestigious Salmagundi Club in September. Annell Livingston’s work has been installed in the new Presbyterian hospital in Santa Fe, NM. Larry Bell currently has ongoing shows in Aspen, Los Angeles and in September, a new exhibition opened in San Francisco, CA at Anthony Meier Fine Arts.

Below is a look at the work these artists are exhibiting with a few words from the exhibition curators.

Sasha vom Dorp

Sasha Raphael vom Dorp: 15.15 Hz
Cal Poly Pomona
Kellogg University Art Gallery
August 23 – October 18, 2018

Michele Cairella Fillmore, curator, states, “These photographs taken in natural sunlight, are of sound waves made visible through the medium of water. Each photo represented here is of the same sound generated at 15.15 Hz. While not intentional, it is not an accident that they all share a certain eroticism. This is what 15.15 Hz looks like as it moves through water, and also through time. While the transactions photographed had all their infinite possibilities reduced to one by the artist’s own intervention, it is his intention that the dynamism that gives birth to the images has an echo within them.”

Sasha Raphael vom Dorp in collaboration with Sacha Riviere, 222.22 Hz – Surface Tension, from the Sound Bending Light Series, 2017, projected video installation: high-speed capture of sunlight encountering sound as observed through the medium of water; captured on 02.26.2017 at 36°24’22″N by 105°34’31″W, ed. 1/3, 13:09 minute loop. Courtesy of the artists.
Sasha Raphael vom Dorp, Split Sunlight, 2018, outdoor site-specific installation polyptych: defraction grating with wood, paint, c. 32 x 30 feet. At Kellogg University Gallery.
Sasha Raphael vom Dorp, Split Sunlight, 2018, outdoor site-specific installation polyptych: defraction grating with wood, paint, c. 32 x 30 feet. At Kellogg University Gallery.
Sasha vom Dorp, installation view of 15.15 HZ at Kellogg University Gallery, 2018
Sasha vom Dorp and curator Michele Cairella Fillmore at the opening reception gallery talk of 15.15 Hz at Kellogg University Gallery, August 2018


The Tajmagundi Club

New Mexico Meets New York
The Salmagundi Club, New York, NY
September 15 – 27, 2018

The Tajmagundi Club has been meeting in Taos for 11 years. They share life models and paint portraits together. This exhibition was juried by Tim Newton, Chairman of the Board of the Salmagundi Club. Artists represented: Alexandrine Bartlett, Fred Burns, Jim Cobb, Susan Folwell, Aaron Garlick, Lynn Garlick, Nancy Greenawalt, Patience Heyl, Robert Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Elizabeth Jose, Karen Kerschen, David A Leffel, Jim McBrayer, Sherrie McGraw, Don McLaughlin, Melissa Moe, Sheila O’Malley, Tom Rogers, Chuck Schroeder, Carrie Schultz, Roberta Schwartz, Frank Seckler, Martha Shepp, Dan Stapleton, Steve Talley, Lina Thewlis and Cynthia Wiggins.

Tajmagundians at the Salmagundi Club in New York, September 2018. Artworks (l to r): Alexandrine Bartlett, Lynn Garlick, Aaron Garlick, Nancy Greenawalt, Virginia Johnson
Chuck Schroeder (on top), Martha Shepp (below), Roberta Schwartz (sculpture on mantle)
Installation view of Tajmagundians at Slmagundi Club: Sherrie McGraw, Cynthia Wiggins, Dan Stapleton, Carrie Schultz, Patience Heyl, Karen Kerschen, Elizabeth Jose
Sheila O’Malley
Installation view: Jim McBrayer, Lina Thewlis, Dan Stapleton, Steve Talley, Robert Johnson, Lynn Garlick, David A Leffel, Don McLaughlin


Sculpture by Melissa Moe
Susan Folwell, painted pottery
Installation view of Tajmagundi Club at the Salmagundi Club: Nancy Greenawalt, Virginia Johnson, Roberta Schwartz (sculpture)
Tom Rogers with his painting at the New Mexico Meets New York exhibition at The Salmagundi Club.





Photos by Holly Azzari.


Annell Livingston

28 Paintings
Presbyterian Medical Center, Santa Fe, NM
A permanent installation

Annell Livingston at Presbyterian Medical Center in Santa Fe. The 28 artworks are gouache on paper, 2010 – 2015.
Annell Livingston with her paintings at Presbyterian Medical Center in Santa Fe. The artworks are gouache on paper, 2010 – 2015.
Annell Livingston’s work at Presbyterian Medical Center, Santa Fe. Photo by Gabriela Campos/The New Mexican.

Read about the new medical center in the Santa Fe New Mexican.


Larry Bell

Larry Bell: Bay Area Blues
Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
September 18 – October 19 2018

From the gallery’s website: “Bay Area Blues will comprise four new glass cubes, featuring the eponymous sculpture Bay Area Blues, a large-scale work whose formal explorations revisit Bell’s 1992 sculpture Made For Arolson. Bell newly debuted the large-scale cube-within-a-cube format with his 2017 Whitney Biennial installation Pacific Red II. Fabricated with laminated glass, these monumental works continue Larry’s quest: to consider reflected light through paired colors.”

Larry Bell, Bay Area Blues, 2018, laminated glass
Larry Bell, Untitled Maquette 2018 at Anthony Meier Fine Art
Larry Bell, Untitled Maquettes 2018 at Anthony Meier Fine Art




Larry Bell with Pacific Red II A, 2018 at Anthony Meier Fine Art


Pinkie with Larry Bell’s Pacific Red II A, 2018 at Anthony Meier Fine Art
Larry Bell, Church Studies 2018 at Anthony Meier Fine Art

Photos by Ollie Bell.

A note to all Taos artists: please let me know (editor@beyondtaos.com) about your exhibits outside of Taos – where, when, and what you’re showing. I find it amazing how many of you quietly work in this community then take the work to other cities for exhibition and sale. It’s a testament to the creative inspiration of this Place. Janet Webb.

Visit these Taos artists’ websites:

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Annell Livingston
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