‘Tis the Season for Studio Tours

Posted September 1, 2017, BeyondTaos staff

Nine Northern New Mexico communities, and two Taos art districts,  host annual self-guided tours of the studios and work spaces of artists who are, most of the year, quite private. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the artists at work, ask questions and buy direct from the source. Most of these tours are on the weekends during September, October and November from 10:00am to 5:00pm, but check each website for particulars.

Here’s the full schedule with lists of artists for the next three tours. Stand by for more about the later tours – the plans are still forming!

Northern NM Studio Tours at a Glance

August 19-20, 2017
Questa Studio Tour (mark your calendar for 2018 – it was great this year!)

September 2-4, 2017
11th Annual Chama Valley Studio Tour, 10-5:00pm
10th Annual TAO (Taos Artist Organization) Studio Tour, 10-5:00pm

September 8-9, 2017
19th Annual Rio Costilla Studio Tour, 10-5:00pm

September 16-17
20th Annual High Road Art Tour (first weekend), 10-5:00pm

September 23, 2017
SoDo Open Studios on Reed Street in Taos, 1-6:00pm

September 23-24, 2017
20th Annual High Road Art Tour (second weekend), 10-5:00pm

September 29, 2017
Discover South Gusdorf Arts in Taos, 2-5:00pm

September 30-October 1, 2017
El Rito Studio Tour, 10-5:00pm
ArtUP Studio Tour in Angel Fire, 9-5:00pm

October 7-9, 2017
Abiquiu Studio Tour, 10-5:00pm

November 4-5, 2017
Dixon Studio Tour, 9-5:00pm

11th Annual Chama Valley Studio Tour

September 2-4, 2017. Chama is 67 miles northwest of Taos. The hour-and-a-half drive takes you through gorgeous mountain scenery. Consider staying over for a ride on Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad on Labor Day–the train has a 45% off deal for that day only! The studio tour includes locations along Hwy 64/84 in northern Rio Arriba County, 10-5:00pm. This area has long been known for its community of traditional weavers. Learn more.

Avonna Lee Anderson, Paintings and Prints (stop #12)
State Road 512, house #680

Diana Bryer, Paintings, prints, jewelry (stop #10)
42 Rio Chama Estates

Tony Butler, Ceramics (stop #10)
42 Rio Chama Estates

Cathy Cardin, Fiber Art (stop #6)

Mary Cardin, Watercolors (stop #4)
551 Maple Av. Chama, NM

Thomas Cardin Jr, Pen and Ink Drawings (stop #6)

Cruces de mi Corazon, Antoinette Baca, Handmade Crosses and other artists (stop #2)
The Cumbres Mall in Chama

Paula Devereaux, Paintings & sculpture (stop #9)
54 CR 343A, Chama, NM

Ceci Devereaux White, Jewelry (stop #9)
54 CR 343A, Chama, NM

Louella Dove, Fiber Art, Tote Bags & Flowers (stop #10)
42 Rio Chama Estates

Tierra Wools
Tierra Wools

Miguel Duran, Fine Art Photography (stop #6)
580 Terrace Ave, Chama Marketplace

Alan Feia, La Luz Studio, Kiln fired glass (stop #8)
12 Elk Dr. Chama, NM

Veronica Hennigh, Jewelry (stop #6)
580 Terrace Ave, Chama Marketplace

Ruben Hernandez, Photography (stop #6)
580 Terrace Ave, Chama Marketplace

Leah’s Legends, Pheasant Feather Jewelry (stop #11)
14 PD 1792, Rio Chama Estates

Manfred Rapp
Manfred Rapp
Diana Bryer

Isaac Martinez, Paintings (stop #5)
587 Terrace Ave, Brew House

Virginia Marshall, Quilts (stop #14)
267 Shroyer Rd Laguna Vista, NM

Bobbi Mason, Metal Art (stop #6)
580 Terrace Ave, Chama Marketplace

Margaret Noe, Handmade chain, Silversmithing, Jewelry (stop #6)
580 Terrace Ave, Chama Marketplace

Manfred Rapp, Oil Painting (stop #3)
499 Pine St, Chama

Diane Walton Reitz, Painting and Drawing (stop #1)
16306 Hwy 64/84 at the old gas station

Yvonne Sainz, Photography (stop #13)
Brazos Lodge, State Rd 512 6.5 miles east

Leonard Slock, Sculpture, Drawings (stop #7)
15901 Hwy 64/84, Chama

Beverly Timm, La Zorra Glassworks, Jewelry, Glass work (stop #10)
42 Rio Chama Estates

Tierra Wools, Traditional Northern New Mexico weavings (stop #16)
91 Main St, Los Ojos, NM

Otra Vuelta, Recycled tires (stop #15)
90 Main Street, Los Ojos

10th Annual TAO Studio Tour

September 2-4, 2017. TAO is a non-profit organization formed in 2007. The group’s objective is to act as a social connection for artists in the Northern Mexico area, bringing together a wide diversity of talent and mediums, and to continue the tradition of an annual studio tour in the Taos area, the heart of the original artist colony. Member artists working in a variety of mediums open their studios and encourage the public to enjoy the activities planned for Labor Day Weekend. Learn more.

Mark Asmus
Bill Baron
Katherine Bensusen
Jeanine Borree
Judy Burch
James Coffman
Robert Cooley
Carol De Marinis
Jan Dorris
Jane Dunlap
Roy Dunlap
Lynn FitzGerald
Peter Gilroy
Donna Gorski
Peggy Griffey
Mari Hawkes
Kathryn Hayden
Mary Beth Hill
Yavanne Jaramillo

Lynda Jasper-Vogel

Lynda Jasper-Vogel
Inger Jirby
Live Johnson
Lydia Johnston
Danielle Kennedy
Jeremy G. Landau
Ron Larimore
Caren Lorber
Dennis Luftig
Sylvia Luftig
Nicki Marx
Cher McMacken
Eve Messick
Scott Messick
Ty Minton
Abril Mondragon
Bren Price
Janet Price
Laura ​Quilligan
Linda Rauch
Anita Rodriguez
Barbara Moncivais Sager
Sweet Marcie Brown
Margaret Tange
Dennis Tasa
Karen Tasa
Maureen Tibbs
Don Wallis
Kristen Waszak

19th Annual Rio Costilla Studio Tour

September 9-10, 2017 This art village is 20 miles north of Questa (which is 24 miles north of Taos Plaza making this a 44-mile drive if you start in Taos), on the New Mexico/Colorado border just north of Taos. Learn more.

Jane Kircher Fused Glass
Jane Kircher Fused Glass

Karen Ahlgren: Watercolors
Nancy DeHerrera Crochet: Photography
Matthew Gonzales: Sculpture
Jane Kircher: Fused Glass
Lynn Kircher: Sculpture
Lou McCall: Note Cards/Prints
Karen McCurtain-Blair: Watercolors
Anita McDaniel: Home Furnishings
Evy McLean: Painting
Evelyn Oliva: Paper Crafts & Graphic Design
Randy Pijoan: Painting
JC Santistevan: Photography
RC Santistevan: Paper & Metal 3D Sculpture

Anita McDaniel Home Furnishings
Anita McDaniel Home Furnishings

David Satrun: Woodwork
Michael Schraud: Woodwork African style harps and drums
Dean Swift Seed Company Horticulture seeds
Kathryn Tatum: Painting
Steve Waldrip: Painting
Sarah Welch: Ceramics
Kelly West: Heaven Scent Breads


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